Tuesday, March 17, 2020

17 Free Dates

Do you make date night a priority?
Or are you like us, and date night has been put on the back burner for far too long?
Are you maybe you are looking for something new and fun to do that doesn't cost you anything?
Or you have been making date night a priority and the push for social distancing has hindered your date night?

For us date night has become a thing of the past. Around the time I gave birth to Felicity, dating each other got put on hold. We had a newborn baby, were exhausted, adjusting to our roles as parents, trying to figure out a new home life and work life balance, I was struggling with how I saw myself post baby, and somewhere along the way continuing to date each other just disappeared. As time passed, we adjusted to being parents, settled into new routines, and reshaped our lives to include our new addition. We were growing and changing as we came into this new season of life and before we knew it we had become roommates and no longer husband and wife. Here we are almost eighteen months after Felicity was born and we don't entirely know who the other person is anymore. At some point it wasn't just date night that had stopped being a priority but our marriage too. Now we are beginning a new journey in our marriage. We have made a commitment to have a weekly date night again, and not allow parenting and work and life to come between us.

In preparation for our weekly dates we started creating a list of potential date nights. The first one we put together centers around ways to date and reconnect without spending money or hiring a sitter.

Seventeen dates you can do this weekend at home and for free.
Which one will you be doing first?

Our Spa Date

Tuesday Talks 

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