Thursday, March 19, 2020

2020 Book Challenge


At the beginning of the year I created a reading challenge for myself. Reading is hands down my favorite hobby. A close second would be shopping for more books. Third would be organizing my books. Notice a trend? At the end of last year I realized I stopped prioritizing time to read. I resolved that this year I would do better and simultaneously challenge myself to also branch out of what I normally read. Of course to help with this I created a list. Notice another trend? I love lists and organizing. 


Below is my 2020 Book Challenge. I choose twelve categories to encourage me to branch out of what I may normally choose to read. In addition to these twelve, I have also challenged myself to read an additional twenty-four to make thirty-two for the year.
Hopefully this challenges you to read more and branch out of what you may normally read. If nothing else maybe it'll help you keep from going stir crazy while practicing social distancing.

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