Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Always Be Ready for Company

It's that time of year again:

I always try to have my house ready in the event of an unexpected guest. Even the expected ones, it's nice to keep our home as tidy as possible so we aren't scrambling at the last minute to dust or mop. Now with a toddler in residence, it is so much harder than before. When it was just the two of us and Parker, I would spend two to three hours a day cleaning and doing laundry. Now that I have my mini me in tow everyday that is no longer possible.

After having Felicity I sat down and compiled all the chores around the house and all the loads of laundry I do in a week. From there I grouped everything in to categories, kitchen, bathrooms, daily, and so on. After that was done, I assigned tasks to each day of the week and a load of laundry to each day. Now my cleaning is condensed to about thirty minutes a day and a single load of laundry each day.

I hope my schedule can help you ease your daily chore load so you can spend more time doing what you love.

See you real soon!

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