Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Disney World Series: Week 1

Magic Kingdom


We experienced the most amazing and memorable trip to Disney World in December. My husband hadn't been in ten years, I hadn't been in seventeen, and Felicity at a year old had never been. There is nothing like Disney World through the eyes of a one year old. Being mostly quarantined, James still has to work, and our next trip to Disney World now on hold, we are missing the magic of Disney a little extra these days. So here is my little trip down memory lane.

For months I had been obsessed reading every blog, review, and book I could get my hands on. When that wasn't enough I would watch videos of rides and parades and obsessively scroll Instagram living vicariously through others. Finally December rolled around and it was time to get our Disney on!

While Magic kingdom, was not the first park we hit, we did spend most of our time there. On our first Magic Kingdom day we bought tickets for the Early Morning Magic in Fantasyland, and it was worth every penny. James and I each got to walk right on to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train about five times, we had a boat all to ourselves on It's a Small World, and we were one of two families on Winnie the Pooh. I cannot say for the food one way or another during the event though, we scored a table for Be Our Guest Breakfast right after the park opened for the morning so we went there instead.

Do you see all these empty seats!?

I just love this little cottage.

Five minutes, more like five seconds

I really wish I had stopped to take more pictures, because the park was so incredibly empty. You barely see anybody during this event.

Before the official opening

All the people after opening

You can't tell from this but Rapunzel is Felicity's favorite princess and she has been in love with Tangled since she was three or four months old. Also thanks to the Early Morning magic, we were able to walk right in to meet her.

Now it was off to have breakfast, at my other husband's castle. This girl LOVES Beauty and the Beast.

After we explored Prince Eric's village and went for a ride under the sea in one of Ariel's clam shells. I love how there are so many themed areas within Fantasyland. Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, this grown up princess and my little mini me were in heaven.

Afterwards we took Felicity for a ride in the Tea Cups and good grief was she NOT a fan. Of everything we did, characters, rides, shows, the walking, Tea Cups was her least favorite and dare I say, she even hated it.

They still make for a whimsical photo.

Our last stop before a much needed break, was to have Dumbo take us up in the air for a flight around the park. This was probably in Felicity's top five favorite rides, thankfully after the disaster that was the Tea Cups.

I love the added playground while waiting for the ride. It was so nice to have somewhere she could run wild and have a good time.

Had to make a quick stop on our way out, to get a family shot in front of the castle.

After a couple hours of rest we changed for the cooler weather and got ready to hit the park all over again and see this beauty all lit up.

The Grand Floridian Resort tree. I cannot wait to come back here. 

Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree

Some fun times in line with this happy little mini.

After Buzz's Space Ranger, we killed some time before dinner walking around and seeing the park lit up in all it's magic.

We loved the Tangled area at night. It was so beautiful and loved hearing the music in the area. 

I think Cinderella's castle from The Crystal Palace may just be my favorite view.

This girl made best friends with Eeyore. We may or may not have left Disney World with a couple Eeyore stuffed animals. 

I relate to Piglet on a personal level.

My husband, the human embodiment of Tigger.

After dinner consisted of more walking around, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, watching the fireworks, and the start of many days of rain.

It doesn't look like it, but I actually really enjoyed this ride. Thoughts going through my head, "Oh my gosh my butt is so wet... I regret wearing my glasses... We're about to go over let me rip them off and try to keep them safe!"

Finally it was time to say good night to the Magic Kingdom and head back to our hotel for some much needed rest.

I had originally intended to post all our days at Magic Kingdom in one longish post. However as I started pulling pictures out and thinking of all the fun we had, this post grew and grew and grew. Not unlike Pooh when he's eating at Rabbit's house. So next week I will hopefully finish up Magic Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios will be coming in a few weeks as well.


  1. What a wonderful trip down memory lane! We were heading back to Disney in February after a 5 year hiatus but we had to postpone our trip due to a few in our party having the flu and so we postpone it until the spring and now it looks like that might not be happening either... I am so thankful for all the trips we did take and the millions of photos I snapped each time.

    1. Oh no!!! I think the most disappointing thing right now is all the vacations on hold. I hope y'all will get to go again before the year is over though.