Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Felicity's Schedule

Today I wanted to share what my daily routine looks like with Felicity.

 When I first started getting Felicity onto a routine, I was very firm about what happened at what time of the day. For us it worked really well with getting her into the swing of things as quickly as possible.

We found that within a week she could anticipate what was coming next in her day. This lead to a happier baby and a much less stressed out mamma. It has provided us our own way of communicating with each other.

I am sure everyone has heard it time and time again, that a schedule/routine is the best for a baby and toddler, that they thrive on predictability. I think the hard part no one mentions is how to make one for yourself since not all babies are the same. James and I each took turns observing and making notes about how the days would play out. What would happen before and after a melt down, how long before she would want to eat again. We took a very analytical approach to it all, but hey it worked for us. Before long I was able to draft several variations to try out and ended up marrying them all together. The establishment of this routine has really helped Felicity to thrive, James and I to be better parents, and save us both some time in a day for ourselves and for each other.

Now, I call it a schedule, but really it's more of a routine. In the beginning, I was very firm about the times just to get us into the swing of things. Flexibility is key though even when first establishing a routine. I try not to hold too firmly to the set times because, sometimes teething or growth spurts will interfere and you just have to roll with the punches. Also your little one could just be having an off day. Felicity is my mini me through and through, down to even the occasional moody off day and I just have to roll with it. Felicity has been my greatest teacher in flexibility and rolling with what the day is offering you. The resilience of a toddler is something I think everyone could learn to add more of, into their lives. These tiny humans are some of the greatest teachers of life.

I really hope this may help anyone looking to create a routine or to transition into a toddler routine. It really helped not just my mini me, but me as well.

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