Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Favorites 01

I hope everyone is in good health and isn't going too stir crazy from social distancing. If you find yourself getting a case of cabin fever though, check out some of our ways to go on vacation from our couch.

When time and/or money, and currently the restrictions on travel, prevent us from going on vacation we get a little creative with how we "go" on vacation. James and I utilize several methods for getting that fresh from vacation relaxation and bringing those vacations vibes right to our living room.

One of the first ways we "staycation" is going through all the photos and videos we took on our last trip. It is such a fun way to relieve all the memories. I will screen share to our TV so we can sit on the couch and flip through everything in. that crystal clear HD. It's just about as close to being there as you can get I think.

A few photos from our last trip:

(Disney World December 2019)

My second favorite way, and one I mentioned that makes a great at home date night here, is when we sit down together and plan a vacation out. It is so much fun to Google photos of the location, read hotel reviews, watch videos, and research activities. There is so much excitement involved and it is so much fun to dream. Sometimes we plan the most lavish vacation that could only happen if we win the MegaMillions and other times after looking and reading through we decide"Yes we have to do this when can we go?" Best of all it is totally free and who doesn't love free?

A third way that I really enjoy my taking my "staycations" is through reading a book. There are tons of books that center around someone else's vacations, no passport required. The Mac Reilly Series by Elizabeth Adler, is one of my favorites and it is so descriptive of each location. You will feel like you are there and probably find yourself wanting to plan your next vacation to their settings as well. One book I will be reading soon, and it'll count for my 2020 Reading Challenge, is A Summer in Europe by Marilyn Brant. I cannot wait to get taken away on a trip across Europe with this one.

A big thanks to A Little Bit of Everything, for hosting this weekly link up.

Have a great weekend and see you all soon!

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